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Media Release

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    1. 1. Guidance Notes

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    Guidance Notes

    Please refer to the guidance below in conjunction with attached fact sheet (doc 1) and the release form (doc 2).

    The new release forms are effective with immediate effect.

    Release Forms

    1. Release Form  Fact Sheet UK ONLY - Jan 2012

    2. Media Release Form  - Jan 2012

    3. Covering note with Release Form UK & International - Jan 2012

    Additional  points to note when using the Media Release Form & Fact Sheet  January 2012



    About a crowd - as a rule if people are identifiable, then there should be a form signed but practically if say there are 20 people, we would not need to get a form signed, although this has not been tested legally.  As long as we have a general policy of making announcements about taking pictures, etc - this is acceptable and there is no need to have proof that we have done it.  So if there are 4/5 people in the picture, they should be give forms to sign. See page 2 of the Fact sheet.    

    For UK Regional Co-ordinators - They will need to make sure that they have valid media release forms for ANY photos loaded onto the portal and take responsibility - they would also need to make sure that they are stored safely – See details on page 4 of the Fact sheet. 

    Photos sent from other countries (excluding UK) – There is no need for release forms to be completed but an email should be sent to  to confirm that permission has been given by participants to use the pictures.  This email should be kept on the specific Email folder as well as the S drive in the appropriate photo folder. 

    For regular contributors in the UK, e.g. Trustees, Scientific & Medical Advisors or close Friends - the release forms are valid for 1 year so JF will have a system for maintaining these forms for each year.  

    For recording of interviews - We can ask the individual/s on camera about getting their permission (so it is recorded) or get form completed.


    This covering notes is attached as a PDF (doc3).


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