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    Use the section below to provide a short description of the feature, telling the reader what it is used for. The section is also used by other pages to provide an abstract of this page.

    Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


    Use the section below to describe in detail the product feature. Additional paragraphs can describe what you do with the feature, what it cannot do (within reason), in what situations you would use it, and why it is important. A diagram can show relationships and connections better than text, so you may want to include pictorial conceptual info as well. Examples may illustrate a concept also. Notes or tips about a feature can be useful, such as a tip for a user who is accustomed to another, similar product, or an older version of a feature.

    This feature does ...

    What are the benefits of this feature?

    When you use this feature, you gain ...

    When to use this feature?

    Use this feature to ...


    This section automatically lists related pages, such as child pages or pages related by tags. Remove this section if you do not want to show related pages.



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