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    Welcome to the Values in Healthcare Learning Community!

    This page was created just for you. Use it to share contact information, create content before posting it on the site and to action items.


    Following are a couple of items to get you started right away :

    1. Password Change

    If you would like to change your password to something more memorable, please use the link  below to access :

    2. Starter Guide

    This  guide has been designed to introduce you to the site and provide the basic tools to get started.

    If you feel that you are comfortable to move on without an introduction and are looking for feature specific help only then the User Guide may be more appropriate for you.

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    Getting Oriented

     Whilst navigating around the site is mostly intuitive, getting oriented  will help you become more familiar with the layout.

    Use the links below to access feature specific tutorials:


    Getting Started

    This section will show you how to start customising your own user space on the site.

    Use the links below to access the tutorials:


    Getting Help

    There is fairly comprehensive help available on the site; where there is a the link provided below, use to access the help. 




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