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    Guidance Notes 1

    Februray 2012

    Setting up and using Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach internationally

    Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach (VIHASA) was launched in the UK in September 2004 and is being used in the UK and around the world in various settings.  The pack was developed by healthcare practitioners in the UK to mainly bring benefit to healthcare staff working in the UK National Health Service.  However, the programme has a wide appeal for alternative and complementary professionals as well as other professional bodies in the UK and abroad.  

    There are individuals, groups of people or organisations that want to make the materials available to other people or to use it flexibly and integrate with other training.  Many countries around the world have also translated the material in other languages or are in the process of translation. 

    Whilst promoting and using the VIHASA programme for over 8 years, the JF team has been receiving various questions from the UK and all over the world.  JF wishes to maintain the integrity of the materials and the quality of the implementation whilst people use them in different ways and in different settings.  In order to empower this as well as help address the questions raised, JF is issuing various guidelines 1 to 4.  

    Guidance Notes

    The Janki Foundation for Global Health care (JF) is committed to support anyone wishing to develop the use of VIHASA in the UK or abroad. The following are some suggestions to consider:


    Short Term Strategy

    Getting started with VIHASA programme: 

    1. Create a small group of people and share information that you have received (leaflets; Information packs; PowerPoint presentations).

    2. Purchase the VIHASA Pack and experiment amongst yourselves.

    3. Attend a VIHASA sessi`cilitators Training event.

    4. If necessary, translate relevant sections (e.g. handouts) for presentations to a group for a trial run. The JF understands and appreciates that minor modifications may need to be made to make the material relevant to different cultures and languages.


    Long Term Strategy

    Either link with an interested organization or form a legal organization for promoting VIHASA. The strategy taken may vary depending on the law in each country and what is most serviceable.


    Phase 1: Organization-Search or Set-up Phase

    Look out for an interested organisation to link with or set-up a new one. JF office can provide a copy of its constitution to ensure compatibility with the aims of any interested, associated organisation, or agree aims and objectives of any new organisation that is set-up.


    Phase 2: Agreement of a Licence or Negotiate the Formulation of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA with Country). 

    The interested party or organization and JF should agree to arrange and engage in a series of discussions (either face-to-face, or through audio-video internet conversation) to initiate the process of drafting a License or an MOA.

    Refer to Guidance 2 for Volunteers using VIHASA in the UK & Abroad.  


    Phase 3: Finalize and Sign License or Memorandum of Agreement 

    1. If you are a trainer, consultant or an educator and wish to use the materials either fully or partly, as part of your business from which you are earning an income, then you can apply for license to JF to use the materials.  Please contact us at

    2. We will send you an application and depending on the extent you use the material, we would request that you make a donation of up to 20% of the gross fees charged.  Detailed guidelines with the Foundation’s ethos would also be sent. 

      The publisher and copy right page, 'Amendment dated 2007' in the VIHASA pack is attached.


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    Guidance Notes 2

    October 2010

    Guidelines for Volunteers in the UK and Abroad for the Use and Promotion of the Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach (VIHASA) programme



    The Janki Foundation’s Values in Healthcare programme has been available since its launch in September 2004. It is a powerful experiential programme which aims to help healthcare professionals and teams to look after their own well-being and support their patients. The programme offers opportunities for reflection and self-enquiry helping participants to identify their own values and discover how their insights can enhance their personal lives and revitalise their work, thus providing enhanced patient care.

    Whilst promoting and using the VIHASA programme for over 6 years, the JF team has been receiving various questions from the UK and all over the world. JF also wishes to maintain the integrity of the materials and the quality of the implementation whilst people use them in different ways and in different settings. In order to empower this as well as help address questions raised, JF is issuing various guidelines.

    These guidelines are for Volunteers in the UK and abroad who use and promote the VIHASA programme and are effective upon receipt.


    1. The VIHASA materials when used for running retreats, seminars, workshops, etc., either as an organisation or as individuals acting on behalf of the organisation should be done so on a non-profit basis.

    2. The aims of JF and the organisation/s (if relevant) promoting the programme must be clearly explained so as to avoid any confusion between the work of the organisations. Explain the relationship between the organisations if relevant to clarify the position.

    3. The source, i.e. JF, of the VIHASA materials must be acknowledged when they are used or referred to in any form, for example when a module is run or parts of a module or exercises are used from the programme to integrate with other material.

    4. Individual volunteers or representatives of organisations running the VIHASA programme or using it in anyway should not assume to be JF representatives.

    5. The JF logo can be used on any appropriate publicity material with the permission from JF. Please contact us at if you want to do this.

    6. The VIHASA programme should be run in a professional manner.

    7. The VIHASA materials are the copyright of JF and should not be copied in anyway for distribution (hard or soft copy) except where the user or representative has purchased a pack and using them for running sessions on behalf of an organisation as set-out above.

    8. Individual volunteers running the programme on a regular basis are expected to purchase the VIHASA training manual. See publisher and copy right page, ‘Amendment dated 2007’ from the VIHASA pack under Guidance Notes 1.

    9. Where external venues are used, any expenses for overheads maybe recovered and refreshment / catering issues to be addressed as appropriate.

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    Guidance Notes 3

    October 2010

    Guidelines for Volunteers Sending News about VIHASA events in the UK and Abroad

    Please give us few details of your news below, either a summary of a specific event, or what has happened over the last 4 months or a general update. We are happy to receive a short poem, story, photo or other creative communication of your news if you prefer. In either case, please use the questions below as a framework to complete this page and forward to us at

    • Please give your name, brief details of your team and whether you whether you representing a UK Regional Group, steering group or an Association in a country?

    • What did you do and where? (Include name of event/s, if you ran all the modules, did presentations or seminar etc.)

    • When was it done? Give date or time period. Is it linked to a past event?

    • Who attended? E.g. a department / team / professional group.

    • What was the outcome or development?

    • Any pictures? If so, please send these separately. Please note we can only place photos or pictures in our literature or the website if each person pictured in it or responsible for it agrees to such use by the Janki Foundation. You may need to get written permission / email / or a media release form signed. Please confirm that you have done so.

    • Any stories / anecdotes / poetry?

    • Do you have any additional information?


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    Amendment 2007

    Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach

    A personal and team development programme for healthcare practitioners

    © The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care

    Published by:

    The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care

    14 Park Towers

    2 Brick Street

    London W1J 7DD

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    First published 2004.

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of thepublisher and the copyright owners, apart from the exception stated below:


    Photocopying permission

    The OHP masters (in Part 1), background papers, programmes and worksheets (in Part 3) and evaluation/action planning masters and references (in Part 5) in this publication may be copied without fee or prior permission by the purchaser subject to all the following conditions: that the item is reproduced in its entirety, including the copyright acknowledgment; that the copies are used solely by the person or organisation purchasing the original publication; and that the copies are not used for income-generating purposes. If the purchaser wishes to use any materials from the publication in order to generate income from training or other educational activities, a license may be applied for by contacting the Values in Healthcare Administrator, at The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care.

    A catalogue record for this pack is available from the British Library.

    ISBN 0-9548386-0-2

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    Printing: Ashford Press Ltd (Southampton)


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