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    Item No.6 Learning Community Portal Phase 2 Launched

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    Selected users have been given access to the private area of the portal (not viewable) unless logged-in. 

    They will have the opportunity to add content and phase 2  will be used to assess the interactive features of the portal to be launched in Phase 3.

    Item No.5 A Postcard Promoting VIHASA

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    To be used at conferences and events to promote Values in Healthcare.

    A very limited number has been produced on a trial basis.  Tell us what you think.

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    Item No.4 New VIHASA Logo

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    Item No.3 New Introductory Module 'Building Resilience' Released Nov 2011

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    Download your copy, a gift from The Janki Foundation here 

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    Item No.2 The Spirit of Healthcare, Austrialia, 22 - 25 March 2012

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    Exploring the The Integration of Spirituality in Healthcare

    This is the second in a  series of dialogue and the retreat is organised by The Janki Foundation,  Brahma Kumaris, Point of Life (USA) and Global Hospital and Research Centre, Mount Abu (Rajistan, India).

    Dr Sarah Eagger is representing The Janki Foundation and Joy Rendell will also be attending.