Item No.1 South Africa, Care Givers for Vulnerable Children

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    There continues to be a tremendous appetite for VIHASA in South Africa. Gayle Hansen, an enthusiastic promoter, ran the full VIHASA Programme in 2011, one module a month  from April to November, for Caregivers who work with vulnerable children. These include institutionalised children, youth awaiting trial and children infected and affected by HIV AIDS.

    For the carers,  the needs of the children in their care come first and supercede their own personal needs, even family. There is a stoic acceptance bordering on servitude; the care work is not regarded as duty and is carried out with dedication and without much compliant. Given this, the final module 'Valuing Yourself'  came as a wake up call and for the participants who had attended previous sessions, this was a culmination of months of training and growth in their personal and professional lives.

    The response to the training as a whole was extremely positive and welcomed and endorsed by Bea Juries, Programme Director of The Novalis Ubunta Institute.