Item No.3 Maharashtra, India - 24 & 25 March 2012

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    Staff, Neel Endoscopic Clinic & Students, Vispute Nursing College, Panval, March 2012 .jpg

    Staff, Neel Endoscopic Clinic

    & Students,Vispute Nursing College


    Pharmacy students,Vispute Pharmacy College, Panval March 2012, .jpg

    Pharmacy students, Vispute Pharmacy College

    On the 24 March 2012, trainers from The Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC)  ran the Values and Co-operation modules  to a mixed group of 40, students and tutors from The Vispute Nursing College and nursing staff from The Neel Endoscopic Clinic, Panval, Maharashtra.

    The next day the team ran the Values module for another 60 students at the Vispute Pharmacy College.  Some tutors who had attaended on  previous day,enjoyed the programme so much that they decided to join in again.

    It was the first time they had experienced putting values into practice  in their day to day routine: “I learnt how to teach in a playful manner and I will do the same with my students so that the studies become easy for them.”